08 February 2009

The singing Neanderthals

Talk about rock n' roll, a museum exhibit in the National Museum Wales will feature a musical experience for the viewer that includes sounds, Neanderthal speech and yes, music, that includes singing and stone instruments. Go to the BBC News article for a sound clip. As the composer concedes, obviously we can't know exactly what the earliest music sounded like. All I want to know is, why do they think it was in a minor key? Guess it makes it more mysterious. OoOoO..

Noah's Ark is yet again being sought out in eastern Turkey, according to this article by Fox News (not surprised). Why do I even post about this? For the last quote from the principle "researcher" of the project: "Keep your ear to the road, so to speak, this summer..because there will be discovery." Discovery! And how many mixed metaphors can you find?

Now the rest of the news in short because I am growing tired:

-Africa's oldest human sacrifice? Two people buried facing each other does not a sacrifice make, I say.

-Quick! Go check your flower pots, for they may be ancient Egyptian antiquities! This canopic jar (pictured left) was a garden ornament for a home in Dorset and then stored in a cupboard. Owner had "no idea" this stone jar with a carved head on top (!) was an ancient artifact used to hold internal organs.

-Is the Roman Pantheon (not Parthenon people, that is in Athens) just a huge sundial? Why not

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