02 March 2009

Bullet train from Tokyo...

...to Los Angeles. That is a good Garbage song, isn't it? "Hammering in my Head." Quite poignant considering the condition I am in.

Has it almost been a month since my last post? I guess I can believe it. I'm in the literal death-throes of the dissertation now, so you should feel honored that I took time out to even post just a bunch of bullet point news headlines ;-) Ok "honored" is a little too strong, how about lucky? I'll be lucky if my adviser doesn't see this and yells at me to get back to work.

On to the news then:
-Iraq Museum reopens six years after looting. For pictures and video go here. Pic here from NY Times article.

-Terrorism is impacting archaeology, but don't be fooled by this headline! It's actually talking about the Persepolis Fortification Tablet archive; a legal subject of which I have already discussed.

-Anti-graffiti coating developed for archaeological and cultural sites. Seriously.

-A new public archaeological park to open in Istanbul in 2010. Will there be swing sets? 'Cuz if there will be swings, I'm so there.

-Can Egypt bring Cleopatra's palace back to life? Sounds great for divers, but what about the rest of us? 
-Do these mysterious stones mark the site of the Garden of Eden? Can the media get any more sensationalist??

-In pure Orientalist style, the media has descended on a tomb in Egypt that is full of mummies. Go here for video.

-And finally if you take away nothing from this blog post, at least enjoy this. Just because I was thinking about it today.

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