04 April 2009


So I figured, hey, it's a new month so why not actually post something on this thing I call a blog! News has been piling up as I wind things up here at school, so hopefully in the (near) future I will be on more often. In the meantime, get a load of this:

-"Desert kites" were key to survival 5,000 years ago: or people were bored and built long walls!

-Get your harp strings ready because scientists have reconstructed an ancient Greek musical instrument. Finally, my epigonion band is getting the credit it deserves!

-The Essenes, as authors of the Dead Sea Scrolls, did not exist according to Prof. Elior. So who did? Priests, Sadducees specifically, who had been ousted from the Temple. The DSS debates continue!

-The Philogelos is in the news again. That's a Roman book of jokes that I discussed about a year ago. If you are into 15-year-old male slave jokes, this material is for you!

-Archaeologists now using AMS to date rocks. Might be a hard night out but I'm sure they can cobble something together. As long as her boulders are nice right? Oh, you are giving me a stone-faced stare aren't you?

-For my engineer Dad and brother: the ancient world's longest underground aqueduct. (**SPOILER ALERT**: 106 km/66 miles) 

And I will now leave you all with the words of a newly discovered Persian poem from a ceramic jar found in Jerusalem (pictured here and read about it here):

"This clay pot like a lover once in heat
A lock of hair his senses did defeat
The handle that has made the bottleneck its own seat
Was once the embrace of a lover that entreat"
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