17 July 2010

Ship at ground zero

There are lots of cool archaeo-related videos going around including a digital slideshow of a first century B.C. shipwreck filled with 1,200 lead ingots weighing in at a whopping 39 tons!

My friends and colleagues over at Alexandria Archive Institute have also teamed up with Nada Shabout of U Texas to digitally catalog modern Iraqi artworks from the Museum of Modern Art in Baghdad. Like the more famous Iraq Museum, MMAB was another casualty of looting during the US-led invasion of the country in 2003. There is an article about this project on the AAI blog and a video on the NY Times website ("Iraq's Museum of Modern Art").

Another cool bit of news this past week made national headlines: a mid-18th century wooden ship unearthed by construction teams below what once was the World Trade Center. This video from WPIX gives you a first-hand look. (thanks to Sexy Archaeology for the tip!)

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